REVIEW: The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends (1992, NES)

What can I say about Rocky & Bullwinkle? Whether you’re young or old, or whether you’re big or small, the good-hearted squirrel and his naive moose buddy will always find a way to make you laugh. Today, we’re taking a look at an NES game based off the series released in 1992; The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends!


Can this game translate the witty charm of the cartoon into a video game format successfully? Let’s find out, shall we?

THE LOOKS – …the whole thing literally looks like it was done in freaking MS Paint. Okay, I know that the NES wasn’t a graphical powerhouse, but look at the Mega Man games! Those games look WAAAAY better, and the first one came out five years before this game, so there is NO excuse. Heck, I might even say that this is probably the WORST looking NES game! EVEN ACTION 52 LOOKS MORE APPEALING THAN THIS!

THE SOUND – Okay, take a listen to this for a moment:

Does that seriously sound like something you’d want to listen to? THROUGHOUT AN ENTIRE STAGE, NO LESS? It sounds like a broken down ice cream truck! Again, look at the Mega Man games; they have MUCH better music, and again, THE FIRST ONE WAS RELEASED IN NINETEEN EIGHTY FRICKIN’ SEVEN! Ugh, let’s move on to the gameplay before my ears start bleeding, please!

Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends, The (U)

Okay, am I looking at an NES game or a five year old’s Kid Pix drawing?

THE GAMEPLAY – If they didn’t bother putting in any effort into the graphics and the music, what makes you think that the game itself will fare any better? The gameplay is just ATROCIOUS, with terrible and clunky controls and downright confusing level design. But that’s not the worst part – the worst part is trying to kill enemies! You see, the enemies in this game (mostly Boris and Natasha) like to throw bombs at you: and a LOT of them, for that matter. So of course, you can throw bombs as well! But there’s one problem: THE CONTROLS. Because they’re so utterly awkward and delayed, you’re mostly wasting your time trying to actually THROW them than fighting! And yes, to the three people out there who like this game, I know that Bullwinkle can use his antlers and charge at the enemies, but even THAT’s not very useful because it just makes him even more difficult to control! And yes, I also know that you can switch to Rocky and use his flying ability to fly over a stage, but there’s no challenge whatsoever in that! The gameplay always knows what can go wrong, and what makes you say “NOPE”.

THE BOTTOM LINE – The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends is not only a horrible game, but it’s also got to be one of the WORST NES games I’ve ever played, with unresponsive and awful controls, hideous graphics, slapdash level design, and some of the WORST music on the NES. I highly suggest that you just stick with the cartoon; I can guarantee you that it’s MUCH more pleasant and charming than this…thing.


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