REVIEW: Mickey Mania (1994, Genesis)

Greetings, retr0pians. Well, we’ve made it. After a long, long March, we’ve finally made it to the final installment of Disney-Thon. And what better way would there be to celebrate this last hurrah by reviewing a game starring none other than Mickey Mouse himself?


Developed by Traveller’s Tales (Who some of you might recognize) and published and distributed by Sony Imagesoft and Disney (Which is also kind of funny now that you think about it), this semi-cult classic follows the world-famous mouse as he travels throughout his cartoons of the past. How does this game fare almost 22 years after its’ release? Let’s find out, shall we?

THE LOOKS – One of this game’s main selling points is that rather than just going through the typical platformer level cliches, Mickey is actually going through stages based off some of his most well-regarded cartoons, such as Steamboat Willie, Lonesome Ghosts, The Band Concert, just to name a few. But the question remains; are these cartoons implemented well into the stages in terms of visuals? Yes, they very much are. Aside from the occasional cheap-looking 3D that pops up from time to time, the graphics, character sprites and animations are really, REALLY good, being detailed, creative, and very fluid. Sure, compared to some of their other games the graphics aren’t really anything mind-blowing, but they still get the job done by the end of the day.

THE SOUND – Something that’s worth pointing out about the music is that it’s composed by Matt Furniss, one of the guys who did the music in one of my all-time favorite games Puggsy, another TT-developed game that I reviewed a while ago. And considering how good the music in this game is, I can definetely see that. The music in general is greatly composed, with all of the level tunes and tracks being incredibly catchy and memorable in their own right, fitting the right mood for whatever past adventure Mickey will find himself revisiting. Heck, you can even hear sound effects from Puggsy if you listen close enough!

GENESIS--Mickey Mania  The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse_Apr16 2_44_15

“Sonic Generations? What is this Sonic Generations you speak of?”

THE GAMEPLAY – As if this game didn’t have enough in common with TT’s past works, the game’s engine is pretty much a modified version of the one they used for Puggsy, just with a lot less focus on physics and puzzle-solving and more on platforming. But even if they’ve mostly took out the puzzle solving, the gameplay is still wildly addictive. Starting off with Mickey’s controls, they’re very responsive despite the occasional floaty moment or two. In terms of attacks, you can just jump on your enemies in a typical Mario-esque fashion, or you can throw what I guess are supposed to be some kind of magic beans. But then there’s the game’s most prominent major flaw, at least in my eyes; the difficulty. While it’s nowhere near as unforgiving as The Lion King’s difficulty, it can still get pretty frustrating in some places. Fortunately, this is balanced out somewhat by the fairly well-designed levels.

THE BOTTOM LINE – Although its’ difficulty can be a hassle, Mickey Mania still manages to exceed on what it wants to be: a celebration of the most famous mouse in the world, and some of his greatest adventures. I would definetely recommend this to any Disney fan.


And with that my friends, we finally close the book on Disney-Thon. Make sure to leave comments and feedback as always, and I’ll see you all next time when I review Turrican!



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