So, About Sonic’s 25th Anniversary (And Sega As A Whole)…

As the anniversary of a certain franchise is quickly (no pun intended) approaching, I’d figured that I should talk about this particular topic…


To say that Sonic the Hedgehog – and to a certain extent, Sega in general – has fallen from grace can pretty much equate to saying that water is wet. Although the franchise has managed to pump out some outstanding titles here and there, it’s still not enough to hide the fact that it just cannot replicate the smashing success it received during its’ historic debut during the early 90’s. Aside from Colors, Generations, and the Rush games, the hundreds upon hundreds of attempts it has made to reinvigorate itself have been largely unsuccessful, with the unfinished, buggy, and horribly-written mess that was ’06, the painfully mediocre, nostalgia-reliant disappointment that was Sonic 4, and the catastrophic failures that were Rise of Lyric and Shattered Crystal especially sticking out (again, no pun intended). Which is to say, that I’m…kind of really worried about how the 25th anniversary game will turn out.

Despite Sonic Team’s constant reassurances that they’re “up to something good“, we’ve BARELY heard anything about exactly what they’re doing (well, outside of the constant slew of memes which they themselves have acknowledged); heck, they haven’t even really given us as much of a hint about what the game will be like, or when it’ll even come out at all! Usually, I don’t really mind when there’s not much information on a game leading up to its’ official reveal, but when you go THIS LONG without revealing anything, it can, in some cases, serve as foreshadowing for a possible disaster to come. You don’t have to do a major reveal; you could just drop some clues, or at the very least, make some kind of viral marketing campaign. Speaking of Sonic, the series also ties into something else that I’ve been wanting to talk about…


Sega in its’ current state is an absolute far cry from the electronic powerhouse in the early-to-late 90’s that was once considered the Warner Bros. to Nintendo’s Disney. While Nintendo themselves have a bad habit of tossing away their properties, Sega has it even worse. While Nintendo still has a large amount of active franchises at their disposal, Sega really only has one (just guess what it is) that can really compete with the likes of Mario, Kirby, Donkey Kong, and various others. Compare this to the days of old, where they had games such as Ristar, NiGHTS, Vectorman, Space Channel 5, ChuChu Rocket and countless, countless others; all oozing with potential, all practically begging for their own franchises…but nope, instead they just choose to sit on all of them and just continually pump out game after game for a franchise that has the most horrendously unpredictable track record in video game history in terms of quality. That’s all I have to say on the matter.

What are your thoughts on Sonic’s 25th anniversary? Is the lack of info a sign of good things to come or possible foreshadowing of the blue blur’s final nail in the coffin? Be sure to post your thoughts in the comment section below! 


6 thoughts on “So, About Sonic’s 25th Anniversary (And Sega As A Whole)…

  1. My frustration with Sonic is that they don’t really ever seem to learn anything from each release. They don’t seem to really think about what went right and what went wrong and build from there. It seems like with each game they just go back to the drawing board. Like, Sonic Generations was a good game, but they just threw all of that out when making Sonic Lost World. Sonic Rush was pretty good, but then they went and made Sonic 4. I just don’t understand it.

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    • I’m totally with you there. Even if the 25th anniversary game, through some miracle, turns out to be great, there’s still a good chance that Sega will just discard what made it good and ultimately end up having yet another Boom on their hands.
      I think the issue is that Sega really doesn’t seem to have any real faith in itself as a video game company anymore. It might sound a bit far-fetched, but when you look at just how badly the Saturn and the Dreamcast flopped, the sheer amount of locked away IP’s, the mixed-to-extremely negative reception of most of the Sonic games as of late, and their plummeting sales, it could be a bit justified.

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  2. Guess what, another Sonic Boom for the anniversary! When I think of Sonic Colors… it was just amazing! I’m still playing it and enjoiyng it. Then Sonic Generations, a good one too. But then they all screwd up… Wish the new Sonic will be great…

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  3. Sega seems to be a good case study in that they demonstrate that relying too heavily on a single franchise is never a sound idea. Nintendo has a franchise that has more successful spinoff series than any other out there, and they know that relying solely on it would be a bad move. I discovered the Sonic series shortly before things went south (2002), and even I was shocked by just how far a once-respectable franchise could fall. It makes me wonder if something like this will happen again. Considering the sheer amount of awful games that the franchise has flooded the market with, I’m astonished that it’s still alive; there are companies out there that completely folded despite making far lesser mistakes.

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    • It’s definitely an intriguing observation. I guess the reason the series has stayed alive as long as it has as due to the massive fanbase, but even then that’s usually not enough to keep a series afloat.
      Oh trust me, this isn’t even the first time this has happened. Just look at what happened to Spyro for instance.

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      • Those two franchises form an interesting parallel, don’t they? Without getting into specifics, you could come up with a single description that fits both of them to a tee. For example, “a franchise that fell from grace, flooded the market with many awful games, had a major shift in tone that proved controversial, and is only kept alive by its turbo-dedicated fanbase.”

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