Crash Bandicoot To Return In A Remastered Three-Game Collection AND As A Skylander

As you all may already know, Sony has recently held their big E3 conference in which they announced and revealed an absolute ONSLAUGHT of games and information, including but most certainly not limited to an all-new adventure featuring the pale-skinned, red-tattoo wearing warrior Kratos, an Insomniac-developed open-world game starring the world-famous web-shooting wall-crawler Spider-Man, Hideo Kojima’s first post-Konami endeavor, an official release date for the long gestating Last Guardian, and of course, the return of the Super Marsupial, The Wonder From Down Under, and the Rocket With a Pocket…CRASH BANDICOOT.


Yes, my fellow retr0pians, you did not read that wrong – the character that kickstarted the PlayStation franchise of video game systems is indeed making his long-awaited comeback! Sony Interactive Entertainment, in a joint-deal with Activision, Toys For Bob, and Vicarious Visions, has announced that not only would the character be making a cameo in the upcoming Skylanders Imaginators, which is set for release this fall, but they would also be remastering the original PlayStation games sans Team Racing and Bash in glorious HD, with the collection itself set for release sometime in 2017. I guess all of those cryptic hints and easter eggs over the past three years DID have a meaning after all, huh?


In addition to all of this, Jess Harnell (whom some of you may instantly recognize as the voice of Wakko from Animaniacs and Captain Hero from the South Park/Family Guy-esque cartoon Drawn Together), who voiced the character from Tag Team Racing up until Mind Over Mutant, is set to reprise his role as the character. Here’s to hoping he won’t be utilizing his irritating baby gibberish voice again (Not to disrespect him or anything, but seriously, you can’t say that voice didn’t get on your nerves. You just can’t)…


Say it with me now: “WOAH!”

While I don’t exactly hate the Skylanders franchise as a whole, I would be lying if I said that I didn’t have at least a little bit of resentment towards it for what it did to Spyro and his series (Seriously, I will NEVER get over just how ugly they made him…). While I can’t say that Crash’s inclusion has made me instantly change my mind about the games, I will give them this: at least Crash actually looks like himself! From the finger-less gloves, to the wide toothy mouth, you can tell that the folks at Toys for Bob really wanted to pay homage to ND. But still, I’m honestly much more ecstatic for the HD remasters than I am for the cameo. Between this, Yooka-Laylee, and so many others, it’s looking to be a bright future for the cartoony platformer.


What are your thoughts on the orange marsupial’s long-anticipated comeback? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


2 thoughts on “Crash Bandicoot To Return In A Remastered Three-Game Collection AND As A Skylander

  1. I knew you’d be very excited about this! I missed some of the original Crash Bandicoot games so I look forward to replaying the remasters! And him being in Skylanders is a good step in making him relevant to children again. I love the part during the conference where they play the Crash music and everyone is losing it, haha.

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