COMING SOON: Top 20 Worst Video Game Cartoon Episodes

If there’s one medium that video games have had a lot of difficulty trying to make a successful transition into other than movies, it would easily have to be cartoons. Granted, while the only major difference between them is the fact that good video game cartoons do in fact exist, that doesn’t change the fact that they’ve also spawned a lot of stinkers as well. And when they’re bad… my GOD, are they bad. Therefore, I will soon begin production on an article shining the spotlight on the absolute worst that video game cartoons have to offer. As of now, I can’t exactly say when it’ll come out, but I will say that it’ll be done before the end of summer. If you have any suggestions on what I can put on the list, feel free to list them in the comments section below!


7 thoughts on “COMING SOON: Top 20 Worst Video Game Cartoon Episodes

      • I’ll see if I can think of any. It’s hard to pinpoint episodes because it’s been so long. I just recall the shows themselves being pretty bad, in an enjoyable way, of course! I can name shows, though you probably have thought of them.

        There are the Mario cartoons. The Super Show was all about movie parodies, SMB3 had weird crossovers with America and the “president” (seriously, that show was the weirdest), and SMW got moralistic with teaching Yoshi lessons. The Legend of Zelda and Captain N are all about silly action, though I don’t know if there was a really bad episode. I bet Link said his catchphrase often enough to fill an entire episode, haha. There were also a bunch of Sonic cartoons. One was well-known and had some original characters. Another was a Road Runner ripoff. There was also one where Sonic traveled with his siblings as a rock band. Then, Mega Man and Earthworm Jim had cartoons too. There’s so many cartoons you could watch, and they’d all be the worst episode, haha. Good luck!

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      • Thanks for your input! You can definitely expect to see some of these on the list (It’ll be split in two articles, by the way. The first one will cover 20-11 and the second will cover 10-1). I’ve watched and played through a bunch of crap in my life before, so I’ll be fine.

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      • I loved the Earthworm Jim cartoon, the Sonic one too. I remember enjoying the Legend of Zelda one at the time, but looking back to an episode of it a few years back I came to realise just how dreadful it was!

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