The Junction Point Games That Never Were

Back in June, I did an article covering the history of the now ironically pretty much forgotten Junction Point. Having been founded by veteran game developer Warren Spector, the studio had found itself brought out by Disney after they had signed a deal to create a game that put a darker twist on the mouse that started it all. Under the name of Epic Mickey, the aforementioned game underwent a MAJOR tonal shift just when it was beginning to reach the finishing line of its’ development, which ultimately had a factor in it not exactly being the breakout hit that Disney hoped it would be. The sequel on the other hand performed even worse, which ended up in Junction Point being shuttered and Spector leaving Disney, which also ended up in the cancellation of two projects that were in the pipeline, both of which I’ll be covering in this article.

First off, we’ll be taking a look at the project that arguably had the most potential out of the two, Epic Donald.


From what we can see by the details and artwork shared by one of the members on the project, ED was set to be a spin-off of the EM games, as well as being radically different from it in every way imaginable. Aside from taking a lighter route both in tone and presentation, the whole game was essentially going to be a tribute to comic books that featured the character, most notably the ones by the late great Carl Barks. It was also going to have a more open-world approach, with the town of Duckburg having been planned to be fully explorable, whether it be on flipper or on wheels. Unfortunately, the game was unable to make it past the brainstorming phase, as its’ development was only a good number of months prior to Junction Point’s closure. However, the aforementioned member has stated that he hopes to see the project come to fruition with the announcement of the new DuckTales series, which is set to premiere in 2017.

Next up, we’ll be taking a look at another planned EM spin-off, this time by the name of Epic Disney Racers.


Unlike the aforementioned Epic Donald, there isn’t that much info on this game other than the characters, stages, and mechanics that were planned to be featured. From what we can see from the concept artwork, characters such as Scrooge McDuck and Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Oswald were planned to be featured, and locations from some of the most beloved films in the animated canon were set to be tracks, with Agrabah apparently being one of them. Each character was also going to have their own special attack, whether it be Oswald’s remote or money bags for Scrooge. There was even going to be some sort of mechanic were two characters share a vehicle, not dissimilar to the likes of Mario Kart: Double Dash or Crash Tag Team Racing. Like I said earlier, there’s not that much info on the development of this game, though a page for it on the EM Wiki says that it was most likely sent to the Wasteland early on in development.

And that about does it for the two Junction Point games that never were. Looking back on the history of the studio, it’s kind of depressing to see how everything turned out the way it did, especially when Mr. Spector had big plans for it, if these two projects are anything to go by. But then again, sometimes fate just has different ideas in mind.

What are your thoughts on the two unmade Junction Point titles? Be sure to leave your opinions in the comments section below, and thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “The Junction Point Games That Never Were

  1. It would be cool to see Epic Donald come to life. However, given how terrible Epic Mickey 2 was (the original was, although flawed, good), I am not confident it would turn out great.

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    • I’m actually in the minority that Epic Mickey 2 wasn’t as bad as everyone thought it was. Sure, it might not be as good as the first, but I find it to be a fairly solid co-op 3D platformer. That, and some of the musical numbers were pretty fun.

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      • Cool!

        I went into it with so much hope. I thought “Well, if they can fix the problems of the first one, this will be an excellent game, because deep beneath the flaws of Epic Mickey there is one excellent platformer”.

        What I saw, though, was an even more problematic game. I wish I liked it as much as you do!

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  2. I love the idea of old-fashioned Mickey/Donald in dark Disneyland/Duckberg. I grew up with Disney and have a lot of nostalgia for it, and I admire what Warren Spector set out to do. That said, the games were okay. I would still play Epic Donald and the racing game if it had ever come out though. Great article!

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