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COMING SOON: SketchQuest Character Q&A

With the excitement on here going around for my pet project SketchQuest, I’ve decided to build it up even more by hosting a Q&A allowing up to 15 questions for Nedford, Thistle, or Ira to answer for you. I can’t give

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If you recall back to my One Lovely Blog reward article, you’ll probably remember that I had announced that I was in the process of making a video game of my own while also revealing the main antagonist of it. While

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Top 5 Worst Video Game Character Redesigns

When a franchise evolves, it’s important that the characters in it evolve as well. While many are successful in recieving a fresh, new look while still managing to resemble themselves enough, there are some cases in which it turns out to

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While You Wait For Mania And Project 2017, Check Out This Immensely Promising 3D Sonic Fan Game

Following a brief detour with the likes of Lost World and Boom, the Sonic franchise thankfully appears to be on the path to recovery once again. However, while we’ll have to wait and see if the two games set for release next

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retr0spective: Sucker Punch Productions (Part Two)

In late 2002, SP released the first installment in what was to become their most iconic franchise, as well as their first Sony-exclusive game, Sly Cooper and the Thevius Raccoonus (or Sly Raccoon in Australia and Europe). Taking place in a world

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COMING SOON: Top 5 Biggest Sony Pictures Screw-Ups

Some of you might know by now that I have quite the disdain for Sony Pictures, the film division of one of the leading Japanese business organizations. And while I won’t go too far into detail as to why (I’ll let this

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retr0pia75 & The One Lovely Blog Award

Once again, I have been granted the pleasant honor of recieving a nomination! This time around, I’d like to thank my good friend DeLuxODonnell92, the creator of Blogspot and WordPress sites respectively titled Kyle’s Animated World and Kyle Loves Animation

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