COMING SOON: Top 5 Biggest Sony Pictures Screw-Ups


Some of you might know by now that I have quite the disdain for Sony Pictures, the film division of one of the leading Japanese business organizations. And while I won’t go too far into detail as to why (I’ll let this article from a while back do most of the talking) , I can definetely say that they are, in my opinion, the LJN of the film industry. From their inability to learn from their mistakes, the unacceptable treatment of their employees, and the insipid, blatantly corporate nature of their films, they always manage to find new ways to establish themselves as an utter laughingstock. Soon, I’ll be starting up production on an article that will not only showcase their biggest moments of ineptitude, but also maybe – just maybe – prevent another film organization from heading down the path that they’re currently going. As of now, I can’t say when it’ll be out, but hopefully sometime late into the month. If not, then I’ll try to aim sometime around November.


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