retr0spective: Sucker Punch Productions (Part Two)

In late 2002, SP released the first installment in what was to become their most iconic franchise, as well as their first Sony-exclusive game, Sly Cooper and the Thevius Raccoonus (or Sly Raccoon in Australia and Europe).


Taking place in a world inhabited by anthropomorphic animals, the game’s plot revolves around the titular Sly Cooper, a young raccoon who is the leader of a trio of criminals known as the Cooper Gang, who embarks on a journey that spans across the globe to recover his family’s sacred book. Unfortunately, once again there isn’t a whole lot of information about the development. However, like Rocket I was still able to find some very interesting tidbits. One of the most vital elements of the game is its’ visual aesthetic; to help bring the environments and characters to life in a vivid fashion while also managing to keep the distinct graphical form of a PS2 game, the folks at SP utilized a specific form of cel-shading known as “toon-shading”, a term that was aptly coined by Mr. Flemming. In addition to this, the soundtrack also has a wide range of influences, most notably that of famed animation composers such as Henry Mancini, Carl Stalling, and Yoko Kanno. Sly’s cane was also originally meant to have other forms such as a hose, but this ended up being scrapped. The Japanese version of the game has also been noted for its’ vastly different animated cutscenes, in comparison to the more comic-book-esque cutscenes in the other versions. When the game was released, it was met with a rather positive reception, with most of the praise going to the visuals and the stealth-centric gameplay. Although the game didn’t manage to impress in terms of sales, it eventually managed to gain an audience, granting it a 2003 re-release under the “Greatest Hits” label, as well as three sequels (one of which not developed by SP), a cancelled spin-off, and a film adaptation that is either on hold or also cancelled, as we have barely heard anything about the latter since its’ announcement in 2014.


To be continued…

BONUS QUESTION: What are your thoughts on the newly-revealed Nintendo Switch? Be sure to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below. 


8 thoughts on “retr0spective: Sucker Punch Productions (Part Two)

  1. I’ve never played the Sly games and didn’t have any interest in them at the time, but it’s always nice to read about games I missed out on.
    In terms of Switch, I’m interested. But I need to see more of what it can offer before I’ll be any more than interested. I skipped the Wii U when I saw it lacked games I really would have wanted to play (only Bayonetta 2 and Hyrule Warriors) and I’m hoping this one will have more to justify a purchase.

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  2. Great post! The Sly games are on my list of games I’ve missed out. I got the Platinum Trophy for inFamous so I’m looking forward to the next post.

    I’m super excited for the Nintendo Switch! The thing looks like a sleek portable beast with great third party support.

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  3. I’ve never heard of any of these Sly games but I’m now quite interested in them!

    The Switch looks absolutely amazing. Nintendo certainly knows how to market. I’m not usually that enthusiastic about new systems or franchises (old age has made this Narcissist a bit cynical), but the highly energetic, upbeat video sealed the deal for me that quickly. While I’m not sure of the logistics of everything, I’m encouraged by the third party support and just my general longstanding love of Nintendo. It was the first system I fell in love with.

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  4. Sly Cooper looks like a game that I might enjoy…I’ll put it on my short-list of “games to get to when I get a chance,” LOL

    Not sure yet about the Nintendo Switch – I haven’t seen enough of it yet to make a determination. Then again, I don’t play games on my cell-phone, so I might give it a pass.

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