COMING SOON: SketchQuest Character Q&A

With the excitement on here going around for my pet project SketchQuest, I’ve decided to build it up even more by hosting a Q&A allowing up to 15 questions for Nedford, Thistle, or Ira to answer for you. I can’t give out a precise date as to when it’ll be out, but I’m definetely aiming for at least somewhere around the first week of November. Now with that said, feel free to ask away!


One thought on “COMING SOON: SketchQuest Character Q&A

  1. Nedford – Does you prefer your full name or are you okay going by Ned?
    Thistle – Were you ever bullied for being “just a bunny” and did you feel like you had to toughen up because of it (I love a good tragic backstory)?
    Ira – Is one of your powers the ability to communicate with bees or is this going to be something that will come along with your development as a bee sorceress?

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