First off, I’d like to give out a very special thanks to all of you for helping me reach 50 followers. When I first started this whole endeavor, I didn’t expect it to grow into what it is now, but in a little under ten months, it’s managed to do all of that and more. Also, I’d like to apologize for not doing a Halloween special, as my schedule was at an extremely hectic point at the time and ultimately ended up leaving no room for me to make one. However, I will try to make a Thanksgiving special. In other news, I’ll be hosting my very first stream tomorrow on CyTube here, so be sure to join me! Thanks for supporting my blog, and remember to stay retr0!


17 thoughts on “50 FOLLOWERS!

  1. Congratulations on your following! Your content is great, and I hope you continue to grow in ways you would like to! Sadly, I’m out of town for the weekend so I won’t be able to catch your stream. Looking forward to the next one, though!

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      1. Well, it wasn’t exactly my first real stream. I kind of picked the wrong time since it turned out that everyone seemed to be busy with other matters (which I have no problem with), so I’m gonna try again sometime later tonight.

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