When it comes to companies that are known for not just making some of the best animated films, but some of the best films PERIOD, Pixar Animation Studios is one of the many that will immediately fly off the mind. From their humble beginnings as The Graphics Group, their valiant efforts to revolutionize the industry by making the first ever computer-animated movie, their glorious rise to fame, to their role in helping Disney climb back to the top in the wake of their devastating slump in the 2000’s, they have certainly more than earned their status as one of the greatest cinematic storytelling legends. And with these articles, I’ll be listing off all seventeen of their movies and rank them from worst to best. Get ready to go infinity and beyond, as we take a crack at Ranking The Pixar Movies. Oh, and happy Turkey Day by the way.


NO. 17 – A Bug’s Life (1998)

DIRECTORS: John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton

This is one of the more lesser talked about installments of the Pixar canon, and to be honest, that’s kind of understandable. What really drags ABL down is how when compared to the rest of the films on here, it doesn’t take a whole lot of risks in terms of its’ story. It’s essentially two plot line cliches that we’ve seen countless of times before merged together, one being the “screw-up underdog has to save the day” type, while the other being the “liar revealed” type. However, that’s not to say that it manages to drag it down to the point where it’s bad; far from it, actually. The characters, while fairly generic, are highly likable, and the animation itself is just superb, showing in great detail what life is like through the eyes of a bug, with a few really intense action sequences to boot. Oh, and have I mentioned that Hopper is the third best antagonist in the entire Pixar canon? Well, I have now. A Bug’s Life: It truly is a life worth living.


12 thoughts on “RANKING THE PIXAR MOVIES: No. 17

  1. I’m not overly big on, compared to the rest of Pixar’s filmography, this either, although it’s still a great film. I would’ve thought something like Cars 2 may have been in this spot though, Monster’s University is my choice.

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      1. Gotta say I’m slightly sad that Bug’s Life is your lowest… Cars 2 wasn’t awful, per say, but let’s hope you argue this well!! Oh well, ’tis a good idea for a series, dude, a li’l bit of Pixar love is always welcome in whatever capacity.

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  2. I am surprised it isn’t Cars 2 or The Good Dinosaur, which is one of the worst movies I have ever watched! I agree that A Bug’s Life is one of the weakest Pixar films, albeit far from bad, but I would have put those two below it. I am curious to see what’s up ahead! =D

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    1. In all honesty, TGD doesn’t deserve any of the hate that it gets. It’s just that it was released at kind of a bad time, considering that Inside Out did come out before it. Same with Cars 2 considering that Toy Story 3 came out before it as well.

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  3. I’m glad Cars 2 wasn’t the bottom (though I have a feeling it won’t be near the top). I thought it was halfway decent and interesting, and the focus on Mater was surprisingly good. I haven’t seen The Good Dinosaur or Monsters University. I’m *really* curious if your number one movie will be the same as mine. Can’t wait to see the rest of this list unfold!

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  4. Oddly enough, I had a conversation with someone the other day about A Bug’s Life. Apparently, its attraction is still going strong at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I actually loved the movie when I was younger. I found it hilarious and watched it again and again as a child. But I agree that so many other quality Pixar movies have been made since that it’s hard for the old movie about bugs to keep up. That all said, I wonder if they will one day return to this series or at least acknowledge it more.

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