Top 5 Games I Want To See On The Switch

As you all are probably already well aware, Nintendo has held a conference that raised the curtain on a myriad of details centered around one of their most anticipated projects to date, the Switch, to its’ price, its’ hardware, and the many games that will be released for it. Oh, and to those who are wondering, I absolutely loved it. Getting back onto the main topic, I’d figured it was the right time to make an article about the games I thought would help make it a worthy addition to the Nintendo legacy, while also proving why they are regarding as THE video game company. With that said, join me as I list off the Top 5 Games I Want To See On The Switch.


NO. 5 – A Third Retro Studios DKC

I’ve stated before that I’m not a big fan of the original Donkey Kong Country games, especially the first one. While I’m definitely aware of their status in fourth generation platformers, there’s nothing all that grandiose about them outside of the pre-rendered visuals, and even then the advertisements for Diddy’s Kong Quest and Dixie’s Double Trouble didn’t bring them up, at least none that I’m aware of. However, the original games in question bring us to the topic at hand in this fifth spot. Donkey Kong Country Returns and its’ sequel, Tropical Freeze, are not only great platformers in their own right, but they’re also a prime example of how to revitalize a franchise. Or should I say…PRIMATE?

Yeah, I gotta remember to see myself out for that. Anyways, given how they’ve handled the Metroid Prime trilogy, a third Retro-developed DKC game wouldn’t be too unrealistic of an option. And trust me, people would definitively regret it if it was. Considering the many ways that Tropical Freeze expanded upon the formula that Returns laid out while also bringing in elements from Diddy’s Kong Quest and going as far as to bring DAVID FRIGGIN’ WISE back, one can only wonder how this could pan out. Maybe they could bring back other members of the Kong Family, the Animal Buddies, heck, why not bring back the Kremlings? Matter of fact, why not make it a prequel to the original trilogy? It would explain why they weren’t present in the previous two games while also bringing things full circle nostalgically for the fans. It might not happen for the time being, but we’d certainly go bananas for it if it did.


NO. 4 – A Fully 3D Kirby Platformer

If there’s one thing that I’ve been wanting to see for a long time, it would be the day when Chris Seavor finally joins Playtonic to announce a spiritual successor to Conker’s Bad Fur Day. Other than that, a Kirby game that goes for a fully 3D format instead of the 2D/2.5D format that the series has been raised upon isn’t that far behind. When you look at how successfully Nintendo’s other franchises have translated into the third dimension, one can only wonder why they haven’t given the little pink puffball of mass destruction the treatment. After all, a little shake-up wouldn’t hurt anyone, especially when you consider the series have been going on for nearly twenty-five years. Of course, that’s not to say that I have a problem with the Kirby staying as a side-scroller, because even then the games are fantastic as they currently are. After all, just because one franchise can make a transition well doesn’t mean others will


NO. 3 – A New F-Zero

After the lackluster reception of Star Fox Zero, it’s unlikely that we’ll be seeing Nintendo try to revitalize some of their more “cult classic” properties. And it’s a damn shame if you ask me, because that would mean the agonizing wait for a new F-Zero would turn into an endless one. The games were built upon a high-adrenaline foundation that no other racing game had, from the memorable characters, the flashy, futuristic style and visuals, and of course, the challenging and fast-paced races. Like DKC, it probably won’t happen for the time being, but a geek can dream, can’t he?


NO. 2 – A Fourth Metroid Prime

From the embarrassing flop that was Other M, the mediocre reception of Federation Force, a remake of Return of Samus getting DMCA’d, and the complete failure on Nintendo’s part to acknowledge the original game’s 30th anniversary, the Metroid franchise has definitely seen brighter days. You know what they say, though – when you’re at your lowest point, there’s nowhere to go but up, and a fourth game in the Prime series would most certainly  be a great place to start. Heck, Retro Studios is working on a new game as of this writing, so maybe it could see the light of day after all! I mean, it has to get better from here, doesn’t it?


NO. 1 – A Proper Fourth Paper Mario

Let’s not mince words – Sticker Star and Color Splash, while perfectly good games on their own, aren’t what fans of the Paper Mario games have been craving for over ten friggin’ years as of this writing. The original three Paper Mario games, Thousand Year Door especially, are magnificent in nearly every way imaginable. From the charming and simplistic yet vivid and unique visual style, the memorable characters both familiar and new, the unforgettable music, the epic stories, and the sheer attention to detail of the gameplay, we’ve waited long enough for this series to receive a true return to form. As for whether or not I’d want it to have gameplay similar to SPM or the first two games…well, as underrated as SPM is, the series’ roots have been known to rest as an RPG, and that would easily be the best way to win back those who have given up on the series. Again, it might not happen, but man do I wish it would.

BONUS QUESTION: What are your thoughts on the Switch press conference?

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7 thoughts on “Top 5 Games I Want To See On The Switch

  1. Your top three…..they physically hurt me to think about. All of those series need to get back on track.

    There was a 3D side-mode in the last Kirby 3DS game that was pretty cool. It had these small arena levels, and it was sort of a score attack thing where you tried to beat waves of enemies in the most efficient way possible. It was nothing big, but I’ve really wanted to see it fleshed out and built into the basis of a Kirby adventure game, because I thought it felt like what a 3D Kirby should feel like.

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  2. I’d love all of these games to come out! Unfortunately, it seems they’ve gone so far off the other edge with Paper Mario, and I don’t know if they’re even interested in going back. I would love new entries in these other franchises. A new Kirby game for the 25th anniversary would be great! I’m sure we’ll just get some pins and doodads though, haha. I would like more DKC too! That said, the presentation had a lot of great games announced, so I’m happy on that front! Can’t wait for March!

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