well…it’s certainly been quite a while, hasn’t it?


looking back on it, i can say that 2017 has more or less been my “low point”. aside from the fact that my last actual review was posted seven months ago, ranking the pixar films STILL hasn’t been finished (though i’m thinking of re-starting it in a different format than i did before), and i’ve been struggling to figure out what to do with the site, and at one point it felt like i was done with reviewing games altogether. it doesn’t help matters that my problems aren’t even limited to wordpress – after i made the decision to place the site on indefinite hiatus, i chose to shift focus towards furthering my artistic skills and achieve the goal of developing my own project, even going as far as to change my username on most of the sites i had a presence on. but the thing is, whenever i do come up with something, whether it be a game like sketchquest or a series like louie & ollie, i’m always find myself being disappointed with the direction that they’re going in. while i can say that i’ve improved with my art, creatively, i’ve become nothing but a hot mess, going through several ideas but not having faith that they could really appeal to a wide demographic. i’ve been trying to keep something on a presence on wordpress by checking out the stuff you guys make, but even then i know that it isn’t really enough. needless to say, it’s gotten to a point where i can say that i just don’t know what to do anymore. i might try taking a break from social media and go back to square one, or i could try and work on salvaging all this, the former being more likely as of now. and…that’s pretty much all i have to say, i guess.


6 thoughts on “Uncertainty

  1. I had a bit of a blogger meltdown earlier this year, and I changed the theme of my site as a result. So I hear ya! Ultimately, art, blogging, etc. are fun hobbies, Ithink. Just enjoy what you do, and the rest will fall into place. Good luck with everything!:

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  2. Taking a break to recharge the batteries might help. If you aren’t producing content because you are not happy with the art just release what you’ve done. You’ll improve with more practice and at the end of the day releasing something that is 50% good is still better than being a perfectionist that doesn’t release anything.

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    1. with the not producing content part, it was a little bit more than the fact i wasn’t happy with the art (though i still think i could be better than i currently am in that department), actually. i wasn’t happy at all with the way i developed the characters, the settings, and the like. but i am taking heed of your advice along with ellen’s.

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  3. Well at least your art is going well! As far as developing ideas out, I think something a lot of nascent creatives have to learn the hard way is that nothing in reality will ever be as perfect as what you envision in your head. But to your audience, this doesn’t matter because they haven’t built up the lofty expectations that you have. Just relax and do your best, and you might be surprised by how well the end result is received.

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  4. When what you are doing becomes more of a chore and you aren’t happy with any of the results, it’s understandable to want to go in a totally different direction. Just don’t be too hard on yourself and let it come naturally. Good luck to you! 🙂

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