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I’ve been somewhat slow in regards to content here lately, and trust me when I say that I apologize for that. I mean, it’s been almost three months since my last real review, I’ve yet to finish Ranking the Pixar

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First off, I’d like to give out a very special thanks to all of you for helping me reach 50 followers. When I first started this whole endeavor, I didn’t expect it to grow into what it is now, but

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If you recall back to my One Lovely Blog reward article, you’ll probably remember that I had announced that I was in the process of making a video game of my own while also revealing the main antagonist of it. While

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While You Wait For Mania And Project 2017, Check Out This Immensely Promising 3D Sonic Fan Game

Following a brief detour with the likes of Lost World and Boom, the Sonic franchise thankfully appears to be on the path to recovery once again. However, while we’ll have to wait and see if the two games set for release next

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COMING SOON: Top 5 Biggest Sony Pictures Screw-Ups

Some of you might know by now that I have quite the disdain for Sony Pictures, the film division of one of the leading Japanese business organizations. And while I won’t go too far into detail as to why (I’ll let this

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Incoming Article Drought (?)

Greetings once again, my fellow retr0pians. I have some rather unfortunate news; due to schoolwork increasingly piling up on me as well as the fact that I’ve had somewhat of a burnout, there’s a good chance that new articles won’t

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The Junction Point Games That Never Were

Back in June, I did an article covering the history of the now ironically pretty much forgotten Junction Point. Having been founded by veteran game developer Warren Spector, the studio had found itself brought out by Disney after they had signed

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