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Color A Dinosaur: An Analysis Of A Masterpiece

Throughout all the years that I have spent playing video games, one question that has stuck firmly with me is the topic on whatever or not they can be considered art. While many have offered varying viewpoints on this, I can

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Boogerman Revisited

There’s a frequently tossed-around saying that we’ve all got to start somewhere…and needless to say, I picked quite the game to start off this whole shebang. On January 17th, 2016, I published my second article and my first ever review,

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REVIEW: Rayman (1995, PlayStation)

In the mid-90’s, the gaming industry was undergoing a drastic and bold transition from the fourth generation into the fifth generation; developers were working harder than ever to refine their technology, a wide variety of iconic franchises were introduced, and

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I have seen a wide range of cartoons, whether they be great, okay, bad, or just plain terrible. But with that in mind, none of them, and I mean NONE OF THEM, can manage to hold a candle to the sheer,

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REVIEW: Cheetahmen (1991, Action 52/NES) *100th ARTICLE!!!*

Every once in a while, there comes a game that is so relentlessly, unabashedly awful that it manages to go down in the history books. Action 52 is one of those games. Noted for attempting to break the mold by featuring

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REVIEW: Rolo to the Rescue (1992, Genesis)

When it comes to video game publishers with shady reputations, Electronic Arts (or EA for short) tends to lean rather deep into this category. Although the scorn for them has more or less died down, it still cannot be denied

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Top 10 Best Retro Game Sequels/Spin-Offs (No. 5-1)

NO. 5 – The Curse of Monkey Island (1997, Windows) Having to decide which LucasArts adventure game is your favorite is a rather difficult task, mainly due to how they all have something that can appeal to everyone. But after doing

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