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On Today’s Edition Of “Things That Shouldn’t Exist”…

Y’know, given how vocal Mr. Dahl was about how he hated the 1977 film, I could only imagine how he’d feel about this if he was still with us – that is, if he’d even allow this to get past

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NOW PLAYING: The Lego Batman Movie (2017, Warner Bros.)

It’s safe to say that when The Lego Movie was released back in Feburary of 2014, nobody was expecting it to become the mass phenonemon that it did. With its’ satirical yet innovative take on the “chosen one” plotline, great characters, and

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SYSTEM SMACK-DOWN: Animaniacs (SNES/Genesis/Game Boy)

Back when they actually gave two craps about the industry, Konami were one of the most beloved developers/publishers of the classic age, with a resume of titles such as Metal Gear, Contra, and Rocket Knight Adventures. However, like many other

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Looney Tunes Games

The Looney Tunes are a group of characters that honestly don’t need any sort of introduction, mainly because of the legendary impact they’ve had on not just animation, but media as a whole. For over 80 years and counting, they’ve entertained and enchanted

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