Detective Pikachu: The Movie

While work on the final part of the Top 20 Worst Video Game Cartoon Episodes is still underway (it’s still coming, don’t worry), I figured that I could fill the time by making an article on what is quite possibly THE most bizarre news that I’ve heard in quite some time…

maxresdefault (3)

As it turns out, this whole time Legendary hasn’t been courting the movie rights to the Pokemon games just to make full-on adaptations of them, but rather to make a film based off of one of its’ spin-offs, Meitantei Pikachu: Shin Konbi Tanjo, or Great Detective Pikachu in English. There’s no word on who the director will be or who will even star in it (though Danny DeVito will be likely if that weird fan campaign from a while back resurfaces), but word has it that Legendary aims to start development by 2017. What really makes this so strange is that all this time, we’ve been expecting a straightforward Pokemon film, one based off of the anime or even just the games themselves. The absolute last thing on our minds that we expected to get a film was a spin-off, let alone something as surreal as Detective Pikachu. I don’t know, maybe it could turn out a lot like the 21 Jump Street reboot where it had a great chance of being a disaster, but surprisingly ended up pulling through in the long run. But on the other hand, maybe it won’t work judging by all of the mediocre/horrible video game films that we’ve seen over the past few decades. We’ll see.

Who do you think should direct the Detective Pikachu movie if it actually manages to get off the ground? Be sure to post your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below, and thanks for reading! 


7 thoughts on “Detective Pikachu: The Movie

  1. If anything, this is Danny Devito’s chance to finally play Pikachu. However, I don’t want him to just voice a CGI Pikachu. I want him to wear Pikachu makeup and body paint, fake Pikachu ears, and a fake tail. This is what this movie needs.

    In all seriousness, it’s fine. Detective Pikachu probably lends itself more to a movie story than a regular Pokemon game. Maybe this will encourage Nintendo to release the game in the west too.

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