If you recall back to my One Lovely Blog reward article, you’ll probably remember that I had announced that I was in the process of making a video game of my own while also revealing the main antagonist of it. While I’ve decided to put that project on the backburner for now, as I feel that the premise and characters in it need some refining, I’ve had a ton of other ideas brewing in my head as well. One of them is an idea for an RPG that I’ve had called SketchQuest, a pitch bible for which can be read here. Be sure to lend me your thoughts and opinions!



17 thoughts on “SketchQuest!

      1. The character motivations of, essentially, self discovery are very vague and would need fleshing out considerably. I would expect that would come out during the story though. There’s nothing wrong with generic, but putting an unusual spin on it is a sure fire way to get more attention. Just look at Undertale.

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      2. Yeah, trying to make characters with depth and have good reasoning behind their motivations is one of my more prominent weaknesses when it comes to writing. Nedford’s reason as to why he believes that there’s far more to his existence to due to how he’s pretty much lived his whole life in an unexciting and drab community where everyone but him acts the same and shares the same ideology, philosophy, and mindset. As for Ira and Thistle’s reasons behind their drive to find their true purposes, I’m still trying to flesh theirs out, but I’m closer to Ira’s than I am with Thistle’s.

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  1. I got a bit of a Banjo-Kazooie vibe from your Ira character. Your game sounds very quirky and fun. The characters seem entertaining, and it sounds like something I would enjoy.

    Good luck fulfilling your dream of creating this neat game!

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  2. This looks awesome! There is so much potential for a great story here, and I think it’ll be really great when it’s all said and done. Your character art is adorable and I’m thrilled to see you pursuing this!

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  3. I love this idea! It’s something I would definitely play, and if you do decide to start a Patreon, I’d be glad to be one of your patrons. I don’t have any critics or suggestions at the moment. I like that there are three disparate characters (three is the magic number). I like the potential for humor, and I love the homage to old timey Warner Bros. cartoons which I grew up watching, Mario RPG and Earthbound are great inspirations, too!

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  4. Awesome on you for following your dreams! I too have a number of ideas for games in my head, though I need to study a bit more in programming/coding if I ever want to make them.

    I’ll be keeping an eye out on Sketchquest, and would like to help however I can.

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